How to Add Money

Q: Can I use direct deposit for one time deposits?

A: Yes. You can deposit your tax refund or other one time payments from institutions that offer direct deposit. Use the routing number and DDA number provided on your direct deposit form.

Q: What happens to my direct deposit if I change jobs?

A: The payments from your previous job will stop automatically. To re-start direct deposit with your new employer, fill out another direct deposit form, sign it and hand it to your new employer.

Q: How do I add cash to my Visa prepaid card?

A: To add money to your prepaid card account using cash, you will need to take your cash and card number to a reload location and follow the instructions provided by the load network that you are using. A load fee may be assessed at the location.

Q: How much money can I add to my Visa prepaid card at one time?

A: You can add up to $6,000 with direct deposit or $999 with cash loads.

Q: Why do I have to pay a fee to add cash to my prepaid account?

A: MyAccount never charges a fee to add funds. The fee which is charged to you by the Reload Network is not controlled by MyAccount. Adding your paycheck automatically is fast and easy with direct deposit, plus, It eliminates the cost of cashing a check!

Q: How do I know if my money was added to my prepaid account?

A: When adding cash to your card through a reload network, the store should provide you with a receipt number or reference number for each transaction. Please save this transaction number. You can also get your balance information for free by logging into the Cardholder Center. You can view your balance online, sign up for TEXT and Email Alerts - Standard text messaging rates from your service provider may apply.

Q: When will my money be available?

A: Your money will normally be available on your payday if you are using Direct Deposit. If you are loading cash, your money will generally be available instantly.